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Dexter – 24 year old 12.2 Welsh Section A 

Dexter is the pony that every child (and adult) wants, he has exceptional manners and is 100% genuine. 

Sadly he contracted a rather bad bout of laminitis 2 years ago when I first met him but with Kate’s careful management of his grass intake and increasing his exercise to manage his weight along with regular Equine Touch sessions he is hacking around the Bedfordshire countryside with the bigger horses and loves going to local parties and taking all the rosettes. He is proof that even smaller wiser ponies can benefit from Equine Touch. 

Sue is Amazing!! She's worked wonders on my little Dexter, 12.2 Welsh. He's 24 this March & Sue always sorts out he's little body when he's a bit stiff. He loves it!.....Always falls asleep!! I'm booked in for my first VHT session today with Sue so hopefully she'll work wonders on me too
Dexter's owner, Kate
Miller - 14 year old 15.2 Thoroughbred

Meet Miller an ex-race horse who had lost all trust in humans due to an abusive past and would not let anyone touch him other than his owner - 3 weeks later he is an Equine Touch addict and proof that ET can deal on both an emotional and physical level.

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Would just like to say a massive thanks for the amazing work she has done for my TB ex racehorse Miller when no one else was able to get near him or gain his trust due to his horrid past and I believe being badly beaten post racing. Sue worked her equine touch magic and fixed him she was never pushy with him and gave him any time he needed to feel relaxed with her. A fantastic lady who I would highly recommend if your thinking of having equine touch done on your horse.
Miller's owner, Diane
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Roarie Bear - 8 year old 17.1 Irish Cob

Roarie is quite a nervous youngster who came over from Ireland last year normal things around the yard tend to frighten him such as a squeeky wheelbarrow. Initially he had issues around his ears and around his hindquarters 'emotional baggage'. He can get quite fidgety if unsure and can be quite clumsy due to his height and build. Whilst his owner accepts that in part this is due to him being still a baby she was keen to find something that would benefit Roarie in his everyday life and help with his emotional wellbeing.
Whilst Roarie was particulaly nervous and fidgety during his first Equine Touch session by the second session he had learnt to just let go and relax. His owner Lynne took him to his first in hand show a month later and he was so chilled out it was as though he had been doing it all is life. 

On Sue's first visit Roarie was very worried about everything, after a few more visits he is now so chilled out and loves what Sue does and I'm sure it helps him with everyday life.
Roarie Bear's owner, Lynne